The Scandinavian Method is a method for learning any language you want. This method teaches you how to learn using you favourite tv show or movie!

I teach this method for English but you can use it for any language you may want to learn in the future!

People say that they watch English shows on tv and that their English is not improving. Of course not!

The Scandinavians speak great English after watching English spoken TV shows for many many years. But you dont have this time do you?

That is why you need to analyze TV show you watch using a special analysis method that this method gives you.

You will be able to learn by yourself for free at home without a teacher using only the Internet and your favourite tv program.

You will use any boring books – only the movies and tv shows of your choice depending on the level that are available on the Internet.


You practise them all at home using a special analysis method. This method helps you remember all the new words that you learn and it teaches you how to use them!

You know how difficult it is to remember new words and how hard it is to use them even if you know them?

With the Scandinavian Method you do not have this problem. Evey word you choose to learn you will know how to use, when to use it, what constructions are right for this word, how to pronunce it and how to write it. In other words – this words becomes yours. It becomes a part of your active vocabulary which means that you can actually use it when you talk!

It does not go to your passive vocabulary where one million other words are sitting that you do not use.

It goes directly to your active vocabulary where it actually goes thriugh your mouth to the world!

You will know how to say it.

You will know how it sounds in different accents so that you will understand people when they use this word.

You will feel confident in your use of this word and all the new words that you learn which means that your English in general will become better and you will become more confident.

You will actually understand what people say because you passive vocabulary will also be growing.


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Zero typowego wkuwania, a zamiast tego dużo praktyki - języka, którego używa się na co dzień. Efekty nauki są natychmiastowe, po prostu zaczyna się mówić!
Genialny sposób na szybkie poznanie języka. Absolutnie musi spróbować każdy kto ma wątpliwość czy może się go nauczyć.
Generalnie mega polecam, Katrin potrafi dotrzeć do studenta w taki sposób aby osiągał lepsze efekty.

Our language skills affect our  quality of life.

We can learn more and faster than we think.

Get a better job with better language skills.

Find the confidence you always dreamt of.